Antonymes commençant par la lettre T

table d'hote taciturn tack tack together tackle tact tactful tactfully tactfulness tactless tactlessly tactlessness tagged tail tailor-made clothes taint take take a pew take apart take away take down take effect take hold take in take issue take leave take note of take off take office take on take one's ease take one's leave take one's time take out take over take seriously take to take to heart take up tale talent talented talentless talk talk into talk out of talk round talkative talky tall tallness tally tame tamed tameness tangibility tangible tangibleness tangle tangled tanned tantalizing tape tape-record taper file tapped tardily tardiness target program tasteful tastefully tastefulness tasteless tastelessly tastelessness tastily tasty tattily tattle tautness tax- tax-exempt tax-free taxable tear tear down tearful tearless technical technophile technophobe teemingness tellingly temperance temperate tempered tempestuous temporal temporalty temporarily temporary tempting tenable tenacious tender tender-hearted tenderfoot tense tense up tenuity terminal terminate terrestrial territorial territorial waters terseness testate text text edition textbook thankful thankless thanklessly the accused the aged the defence the elderly the high seas the old the open sea the right way the true the young theatrical theism thematic then again theoretic theoretical theoretically there thereness thermal thermal reactor thermic thermo-setting thermohardening thermoplastic thermoset thermosetting thick thicken thickly thickly settled thickness thin thin out thin person think think of thinkable thinly thinness thirsty thither thoroughly thoughtful thoughtfully thoughtfulness thoughtless thoughtlessly thoughtlessness three-dimensional three-piece thrifty thriving throne through empirical observation through luck through the grapevine throw away throw in throw in the towel throw out throw overboard throw up thundery thyrotoxicosis tick over tide tidiness tidy tie tie in tied tight tight money tighten tightening tightness timbered time off time to come timeliness times timid timidity timorousness tipped tipsiness tipsy tire tire out tired tiro to a certain extent to a greater extent to a higher place to a lesser extent to a lower place to be on one's best behaviour to both ears to do well to no avail to one ear to one's fingertips to put your best foot forward to some extent to the bone to the fingertips to the highest degree to the lowest degree to throw in the sponge to throw in the towel to throw up the sponge toadstool toady to tobacco user toed toeless tog tog out tog up toilet-trained tolerable tolerably tolerance tolerant tolerantly tonal tonality tone toned toneless tongue tongued tongueless tonic tonicity tonus too soon toothed toothless toothsome top top class top-down top of the inning top out top quality top up toper topless topped tortuous Tory totally touch on touchable touched touchiness touching tough tough luck toughened toxic traceable trackable tracked trackless tractability tractable tractableness tractably trad trade book trade edition traditional tragedy trained tramontane tranquilize tranquillise tranquillize transeunt transferable transgress transient transitive transitively transitiveness transitivise transitivity transitivize translatable translational transmontane transonic transparence transparency transport trapezium trashy traumatic stress defusing travel traveled treated tree-living treeless trendsetter tribalisation tribalization tributary trick out trick up tricky triclinic tried and tested trifle trifling trimmed trimness trinuclear trinucleate trinucleated triumph triumphant victor triviality trouble troubled troublesomely true true-false true statement trueness truly trust trustful trustfully trustfulness trustily trustiness trusting trustingly trustingness trustworthiness trustworthy trusty truth truthful truthfully truthfulness try one's best tubed tubeless tucked tune tune up tuneful tunefully tuneless turn turn a loss turn a profit turn away turn down turn in turn-in angle turn loose turn off turn on turn out turn over turn up turned turnout turnover twilight twine twist two-dimensional two-footed two-handed two-piece two-sided two-year type typewriter font typical typicality typically tyro

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