Antonymes commençant par la lettre R

race racial racial discrimination racialism racism radial asymmetry radial symmetry radical radio-opaque radioactive radiolucent radiopaque radioparent radiotranslucent radiotransparent raggedness raiment rainy season raise raised rally rampant random rank rapidly rare rarely rase rated-up rather rational rationalism rationality rationally rationalness ratite ratite bird raunchy ravel ravel out ravish raw rawness raze re-entrant reach reactive readability readable readableness readably readiness ready ready-made ready-made clothes ready-to-wear clothes real realism realistic realistically reality reality principle realness rear rear end rear side rearward rearwards reasonable reasonably reassure reassuring recalcitrant recall recapitulation recede receive receive back received receptive receptor recessive recessive gene reciprocal reckon among recognisably recognise recognition recognizably recognize recollect recollective recommendable reconcilable reconditeness recondition reconstructed record recorded recover recoverable recreate recruit rectifiable rectify recto recuperate recurrent recusant red red ink red morning sky redress reduce reduce to silence reduced reduced instruction set computer reduced instruction set computing reducible reduction reenterable reentering angle reentrant reentrant angle refine refined reflected reflective refractory refrain refresh refreshen refuse refute regain regain one's health regard regenerate registered regorge regress regressive regretful regrettably regular regularise regularity regularize regularly regulate regulated regulation time regurgitate rehabilitate rehabilitative reimburse reinforce reject rejecting rejection rejective rejuvenate relapse relate related related by marriage related to relatedness relationship relative relax relaxed relaxedly relaxing release relegate relegation relent relevance relevancy relevant relevantly reliability reliable reliableness reliably relieve religious religious mysticism religious person relinquish reluctance reluctant reluctantly rely remain remain firm remain silent remarkably remediable remember remote remote-controlled remoteness removable Renaissance man renewable renewable resource renown rentable repair reparable repatriate repeatable repel repentant repentantly repetitious repetitive replaceable replacement reportable reported reposeful represent representational representative represented reproach reprobate reproducible repudiate repudiation repulse repulsion repulsive repulsive force reputability reputable reputably reputation repute requested require requirement requisite requisition resembling resent resentful reserved resident residential resign resigned resist resister resistible resistless resolute resolutely resoluteness resolution resolve resolved respect respectability respectable respectful respectfully respondent responsibility responsible responsibleness responsibly responsive responsiveness rest rest day rested restful restless restore restore to consciousness restore to youth restrained restraining agent restraint restrict restricted restrictive restrictiveness result retail retard retardation retarded retarding agent retch retentive reticular reticulate reticulated retire retractile retreat retrieve retroactive retrograde retrograde orbit retrogress retrorse retrospective returnable revalue revealing revealingly reverberant reverence reverend reverent reverentially reverently reversal reverse reversibility reversible reversible process revived revocable revokable revolt revolutionary reward rewarding Rex rh-negative rh-positive rhetorical rhymed rhymeless rhyming rhythmic rhythmical ribbed ribless rich rich in contrast rich people richly rid of riddle riddled with ride rifled rig out rigged right right angle right-angled triangle right-handed right triangle right wing righteous righteously righteousness rightful rightfully rightfulness rightly rightness rigid rigidity rigidness rigor rigour rigours rimeless riming rimless rimmed ring riot riotous riots ripe ripeness RISC rise rising rising prices rising tide rising trot risky rivalry river branch road game roadrunner rob robust rocky roentgenopaque roll roll up roly-poly Roman numeral Roman numerals romantic Romantic Movement romantically Romanticism romanticist röntgenopaque roofed roofless root rotor rotor coil rotten rough roughen roughness round round the back rounded roundness rouse royalist rude rudely rudeness rudimental rudimentary rugged ruler ruminant run run along run down run into run-on run up running rural rural area rush rush along rusted rusticity rustless rut rutting

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