Antonymes commençant par la lettre O

O.K. obedience obedient obediently obeisance obey obfuscate object program objectify objective objectively oblate obligate obligated obligatorily obligatory oblige obliged obliging obligingly oblique oblique angle oblique case oblique triangle obscureness obscurity obsequious observably observance observe obstinate obstruct obstructed obtain obtrusive obtrusively obtrusiveness obturate obtuse obtuseness obverse obviate obvious occasional occidentalise occidentalize occlude occlusive occupant occupation occupied occupier odd odd-toed ungulate oddity oddness odds odious odorize odorless odorous odourise odourless oestrous oestrus of a different kind of course of import of marginal importance of metal of minor importance of no avail of no importance of no use of that place of unsound mind off off balance off duty off-duty off-line off season off-season off-site off-street off-the-peg clothes offence offend offending offense offensive offensive activity offensively offhandedness official officially offsaddle offset offshoot offshore offside offsides offstage oft often oftentimes ofttimes oh yes oil-repellent oiled OK okay old old face old lady old man old style old style font old style type oldness oleophilic oleophobic oligopnea oligopnoea omit omnidirectional omnivorous on on a higher floor on a lower floor on a regular basis on an irregular basis on duty on heat on land on line on-line on no account on one hand on purpose on-site on-street on the grapevine on the level on the move on the one hand on the other hand once and for all one-dimensional one-dimensional language one-piece one-sided one-sidedly one-sidedness one-year online only just onomatopoeic onomatopoeical onomatopoetic onrush onset onshore onside onstage ontogenesis ontogeny onus onward motion onymous opacity opaque opaqueness open open chain open-chain open circuit open-class word open fire open fire on open-handedness open-hearted open interval open-loop system open-mouthed open on to open sea open system open to open up opened openheartedness opening opening up openness operable operate operational operational safety operative opisthognathous opponent opportune opportunely opportuneness opposable opposed opposer opposite opposite word opprobrium optimism optimist optimistic optimistically optional optionally opulence orad oral order ordered orderliness orderly ordinal ordinarily ordinariness ordinary organic organic disorder organically organise organised organize organized orient orientalise orientalize orientate orientated orientating oriented orienting original original sin originality originative orthodox orthodoxy orthotropous ostentatious OTC drug OTC medication OTC security other other half otherworldliness out out-basket out of control out-of-door out of doors out of hand out of luck out-of-pocket out of proportion out of spite out-of-the-box thinking out of the question out of the way out of touch out of wedlock out-of-work out-patient out-tray outbid outboard outbred outdoor outdoors outer outer garment outermost outfield outflow outgo outgoing outgoings outlander outlaw outlay outline outmost outpatient outset outside outsider outspan outspokenly outspokenness outstandingly outward outwardly outwardness outwards outwear over-the-counter over-the-counter drug over-the-counter medication over-the-counter medicine over the counter security over there overabundance overachievement overact overarm overbid overcast overcharge overclothe overcrowded overcrowding overdraw overdress overdue overestimate overexpose overgarment overhand overhanded overhead overleap overlook overpay overplay overrate overrule overshoot oversight overspend overstaffing overstate overstatement overstock overt overtime overtly overvalue oviparous ovoviviparous ovulation owned ownerless oxidate oxidise oxidize

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