Antonymes commençant par la lettre B

babble babble out back back burner back down back end back on to back part back up backed background backhand backhanded backless backside backward backwards bad bad egg bad guy bad luck bad person bad weather badly badly-off badness baffled balance balanced balconied bald balefulness balloon ban banded banish bank baptised baptized bar bar out bare bare o.s. barefacedly barf barrack barreled barrelled barrenness barring barring none bas relief basal baseball diamond baseless basic basify basipetal basiscopic basso relievo basso rilievo bathochromic be be a letdown be a matter of indifference be a washout be active be all right be all the same be astir be born be distasteful to be effective be faint with hunger be fine be fond of be full be going strong be good be honest about be important be in bed be in effect be in force be in the right be indifferent be keen on be of consequence be of importance be of relevance be of significance be OK be open about be operative be present at be quiet be realized be reduced to poverty be relevant be right be running be sick be significant be silent be starving be successful be successful in be sure to be unpopular with be up be valid be well be wide be wrong beaked beakless bear bear away bear down on bear in mind bear off bear on bearably bearing beat back beauteous beauteously beautiful beautifully beautify beauty become dehumanised become dehumanized become extinct become impoverished become pauperized becoming becoming dull becomingly becomingness bed bedamn bedded bedless beef up beefy befittingly begetter begin beginner beginning begrime begrimed begrudge behave behave badly behind being beingness belated belatedly belie belief believability believable believably believe believer believingly belittle bellied bellyless below below the belt belt belt along belt up belted beltless bemire bend bendy beneath beneficed beneficence beneficent beneficial benefit benevolence benevolent benevolently benign benignancy benignant benignity benumbed bequeath beseeching beshrew bespoke clothes best bestride betray better better half bettering beyond belief beyond compare beyond control beyond words biaural bibbed bibless bicameral bidirectional biennial big big-hearted bigness bigot bilaterally symmetrical billow billow out bimodal binaural binaurally bind binovular binuclear binucleate binucleated biodegradable pollution biological biovular biped bipedal bipolar bird bird of passage birth bisexual bitch bite the dust bitter bivalent bivalve bivalved blab blab out black black and white black-and-white blacken blackness blame blanch bland blandish blank out blatantly bleak blear blemished blended bless blessed blessing blest blind blind drunk blithely blitheness blitz block blockade bloke blond blonde blood brother blood kinship blood relationship blood ties bloodily bloodless bloodlessly bloody blotto blow blow out blow the gaff blow up blubber blue-collar blunt blunt file blunting bluntness blur blurriness board boarding boarding school boarding-school bodied Bodoni Bodoni font boil boisterous bold boldly boldness bolt bomb bona fide boneless boney bony boo boo at book in book profit Boolean boost bootless bootlessly border bordered bore born borrow borrower bosom botany bother bottle-fed bottlefeed bottom bottom landing bottom of the inning bottom out bottom plat bottom-up bottomed bottomless boucle effect bounce bounce back bound bounded interval boundedness boundlessness bowed box boy boycott brace brachycephalic brachycranial brachycranic bracteate bracted braid braininess brainwashed branch of a river branch out branchiate branchless branchy brand name drug brand-name drug branded brash brave bravely braveness bravery brazenly breach breadth break break apart break down break even break of dawn break of day break of the day break up breakable breakableness breakdown breast-fed breasted breastfed breastfeed breastless breathe breathe in breathe out breathing breathless breech brevity bribable bribeable bride bridgeable bridle briefness bright brighten brightly brightness brine bring bring about bring around bring back bring down bring forward bring home the bacon bring into action bring into focus bring off bring round bring shame on bring to bring together bring up bristly broad broad-minded broad-mindedly broad-mindedness broaden broadening broadly broadly speaking broadminded broadness broadnosed broken brother brotherlike brotherly brunet brunette brushy brutal brutally buck bucked bucket along buckle budget for budgeting build up build-up bulging bulk bull bump bumpy bungling buoy up buoyant burd burden burdened buried burst burthen bury bushel busily businesslike bust busy busyness but but then butter up butterball button button up buttoned buy buy at buy the farm by by a short head by accident by all means by any chance by artificial means by chance by choice by design by hand by luck by machine by no means by the skin of one's teeth by trial and error bygone

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