Antonymes commençant par la lettre I

ice identical identifiable identity idiographic idiographical idle idle away idolator igneous ignite ignoble ignorance ignore ill ill-advised ill-being ill-defined ill-formed ill health ill humor ill humour ill luck ill-mannered ill nature ill-natured ill service ill-smelling ill-tempered ill-treated ill turn illegal illegalise illegality illegalize illegally illegibility illegible illegibly illegitimacy illegitimate illegitimately illiberality illicit illicitly illicitness illiteracy illiterate illness illogic illogical illogicality illogically illogicalness illuminating illusory profit imaginable imaginatively imbalance imbalanced imbecility imbiber imitation imitative immaculate immanent immaterial immateriality immature immaturely immatureness immaturity immeasurable immeasurably immediacy immediate immediate payment immediateness immense immensurable immersion immigrate immiscible immobile immobilise immobility immobilize immoderate immoderately immoderateness immoderation immodest immodestly immodesty immoral immorality immorally immortal immortality immotility immovability immovable immovableness immune immunity immunocompetence immunocompetent immunodeficiency immunodeficient immunologically competent immutability immutable immutableness impaired impalpability impalpable impartial impartiality impassable impassible impassive impassively impatience impatient impatiently impede impenetrability impenetrable impenitent impenitently imperative imperceptibility imperceptible imperceptibly imperfect imperfectibility imperfection imperfectly imperfectness imperishable impermanence impermanency impermanent impermeability impermeable impermeableness impermissibility impermissible impermissibly impersonal impersonally imperturbable imperturbably imperviable impervious imperviousness impiety impinge on impious impiously impiousness implacable implausibility implausible implausibleness implausibly implement implemented implicit implicitly implode imploring impolite impolitely impoliteness impolitic imponderable impopularity import importance important importation imposingly impossibility impossible impossibleness impossibly impotence impotency impotent impoverish impoverishment impracticability impracticable impracticableness impractical impracticality imprecate imprecise imprecisely impreciseness imprecision impressible impressionable impressive impressively improbability improbable improbableness improbably improper improperly improperness impropriety improve improve on improved improvement improvidence improvident improvidently imprudence imprudent imprudently impure impureness impurity in in a biased way in a clockwise direction in a counterclockwise direction in a good humour in a good mood in a good temper in a higher place in a hurry in a roundabout way in an anticlockwise direction in-basket in both ears in-box in camera in charge in concrete terms in doubt in effect in favor of in favour of in general in good order in good spirits in good taste in hand in haste in heat in high spirits in-line in motion in no uncertain terms in one ear in one's right mind in part in-patient in plain terms in private in public in readiness in season in short supply in that location in the family way in the first place in the main in the open in the open air in the teeth of the wind in training in-tray in vitro in vivo inability inaccessibility inaccessible inaccuracy inaccurate inaccurately inaction inactivate inactivation inactive inactiveness inactivity inacurracy inadequacy inadequate inadequately inadequateness inadmissibility inadmissible inadmissibly inadvertence inadvertency inadvertent inadvertently inadvisability inadvisable inadvisably inaesthetic inalienable inalterable inane inanimate inanimately inanimateness inapplicability inappositeness inapproachability inappropriate inappropriately inappropriateness inaptitude inaptness inarticulate inarticulately inattention inattentive inattentiveness inaudibility inaudible inaudibleness inaudibly inaugural inauspicious inauspiciously inauspiciousness inboard inbox inbred incalculable incapability incapable incapableness incapacitate incapacity incarnate incaution incautious incautiously incautiousness incentive inception incertain incertitude incident incidental incidentally incisively incivility inclemency inclement inclementness inclination incline inclined include inclusion inclusion in the budget inclusive incognizance incognizant incoherence incoherency incoherent incoherently incombustible income incoming incommensurable incommensurate incommodious incommunicative incommutable incomparable incomparably incompatibility incompatible incompatibly incompetence incompetency Incompetent incompetent incompetently incomplete incompleteness incomprehensibility incomprehensible incomprehension incomprehensive incompressibility incompressible inconceivable inconclusive inconclusively inconclusiveness incongruent incongruity incongruous incongruousness inconsequence inconsequential inconsequentially inconsequently inconsiderable inconsiderableness inconsiderate inconsiderately inconsiderateness inconsideration inconsistency inconsistent inconsistently inconsolable inconspicuous inconspicuously inconspicuousness inconstancy inconstant incontestable incontestible incontinent incontrovertible inconvenience inconvenient inconveniently inconvertibility inconvertible incoordination incorporate incorporeal incorporeality incorrect incorrectly incorrectness incorrigible incorrupt incorruptibility incorruptible incorruption incorruptness increase increased increasing incredibility incredible incredibleness incredibly incredulous incredulously increment inculpative inculpatory incurability incurable incurableness incurious indecency indecent indecently indecision indecisive indecisively indecisiveness indecorous indecorously indecorousness indecorum indefeasible indefensible indefinite indehiscent indelicacy indelicate indemnify indemonstrable independent indestructibility indestructible indeterminable indeterminate indetermination indicate indication indifferent indigestibility indigestible indigestibleness indirect indirect discourse indirect evidence indirectly indirectness indiscernible indiscernibly indiscipline indisciplined indiscreet indiscreetly indiscreetness indiscretion indiscriminate indiscriminating indispensability indispensable indispensableness indispose indissoluble indistinct indistinctness indistinguishable individual individualise individualism individuality individualize individuation indivisible indoor indoors induce induced inducement inductee inductive indulgent indurate industrial industrious industriously inebriate inebriated inebriation inebriety inedible ineducable ineffective ineffectively ineffectiveness ineffectual ineffectuality ineffectually ineffectualness inefficacious inefficaciously inefficaciousness inefficacy inefficiency inefficient inefficiently inelastic inelasticity inelegance inelegant inelegantly ineligibility ineligible ineloquently ineptitude ineptness inequality inequitable inequitably inequity ineradicable inerrancy inertia inertness inessential inessentiality inevitable inexact inexactitude inexactly inexactness inexcusable inexcusably inexhaustibility inexhaustible inexhaustibleness inexorable inexpedience inexpediency inexpedient inexpediently inexpensive inexpensively inexpensiveness inexperience inexperienced inexperient inexplicability inexplicable inexplicableness inexplicit inexplicitness inexpressible inexpressively inextensible inextinguishable inextricable infallibility infallible infamy infeasibility infect infected infectious infelicitous infelicitously infelicity inferior inferiority infernal infernal region Inferno infertile infertility infidel infidelity infield infinite infinitely infiniteness infinitude infinity inflate inflating inflation inflationary inflationary spiral inflationist inflected inflectional inflexibility inflexible inflexibleness inflexibly inflow influential influx informal informality informally informative informatively informatory informed infract infrangible infrequent infrequently ingenuous ingenuousness ingest inglorious ingratitude ingress inhabited inhale inharmonious inheritable inhibit inhibited inhibitor inhospitable inhospitableness inhospitably inhospitality inhuman inhumane inhumanely inhumaneness inhumanity inhumanly inhumed inimaginable initiate injectable injudiciously injudiciousness injured injuriously injustice inkiness inlaid inland inmarriage inmate innate inner innerly innocence innocency innocent innocuous innumerate inodorous inoffensive inoffensively inoperable inoperative inopportune inopportunely inopportuneness inorganic inorganically inpatient inquiring inquiry inquisitorial insalubriousness insalubrity insane insanely insanitariness insanitary insanity insatiable insatiate insectivorous insecure insecurely insecureness insecurity insensate insensibility insensible insensitive insensitively insensitiveness insensitivity insentience insentient inseparably inserted in a line of hose inshore inside inside of insider insignificance insignificant insignificantly insincere insincerely insincerity insipid insobriety insolent insolubility insoluble insolvability insolvable insolvency insolvent insomnia inspan inspiratory inspire inspiring inspissate instability institutional institutionalised institutionalized instructive instructively instrumental insubordinate insubordination insubstantial insubstantiality insufficiency insufficient insufficiently insulating material insulation insulator insurability insured insurmountable insusceptible intact intangibility intangible intangibleness integrate integrated integrating integration integrative integrity intellectual intelligence intelligent intelligently intelligibility intelligible intelligibly intemperance intemperate intemperately intended intense intensify intensifying intensity intensive intentional intentionally interactive interchangeability interchangeableness intercontinental interdepartmental interdict interest interested interesting interestingly interestingness interfere interference interior interlace intermarriage intermediate intermittency internal internality internally international international flight international law international waters internationalism interred interrogation interrogative interrogatory interspecies interspecific interstate intertwine intervening DNA sequence intervening nucleotide sequence intervening sequence intervention interweave intestate intimate into into the wind intolerable intolerably intolerance intolerant intolerantly intoxicated intoxication intra vires intracellular intractability intractable intractableness intradepartmental intramural intransigent intransitive intransitively intransitiveness intransitivise intransitivity intransitivize intraspecies intraspecific intrastate intrepidity intrepidly intricacy intrinsic intrinsical intromit intron introspective introversion introversive introvert introverted introvertive intrusive intrusively inutility invalid invalidate invariability invariable invariable quantity invariableness invariably invariance invariant invasive inventive inverse invertebrate inverted invertible invest invigorate invigorating inviolable invisibility invisible invisibleness invisibly inviting involuntarily involuntariness involuntary involution involve involved involvement invulnerability invulnerable inward inwardly inwardness inwards iodinate iodinating ionate ionic ionised ionized ipsilateral ironed irrational irrationalism irrationality irrationally irreality irreconcilable irrecoverable irreducible irrefutable irregular irregularity irregularly irrelevance irrelevancy irrelevant irrelevantly irreligious irremediable irremovable irreparable irreplaceable irrepressible irreproducible irresistible irresolute irresolutely irresoluteness irresolution irresponsibility irresponsible irresponsibleness irresponsibly irreverence irreverent irreverently irreversibility irreversible irreversible process irrevocable irrevokable irritate isometric isosmotic isotonic isotropic isotropous isotropy Israelite issue IVS

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