Antonymes commençant par la lettre F

fabrication face face up face up to faced faceless faceted facility factitious factitiously factory-made factuality factualness facultative facultatively faculty fade away fag fag out fail fail to failed to develop failing failure faint-heartedness faintheartedness faintly faintness fair fair ball fair fly fair fly ball fair-mindedness fairly fairness faith faithful faithfully faithfulness faithlessly fall fall asleep fall back fall behind fall by the wayside fall equinox fall flat fall off fall short of fall shut fall through fall to pieces fallacy fallibility fallible falling fallow false falsehood falseness falsify falsity falteringly fame familiar familiarity famish fancify fancy fancy up far far-out far-sightedness farawayness farness farsighted farsightedness fascist fascistic fashionable fashionably fast fast lane fast reactor fasten fastened fastidious fastness fat fat-free fat person fatal father fatherly fathomable fatigue fatless fatness fatso fatty fault fauna favor favorable favorableness favorably favour favourable favourableness favourably fawn fawn on fawn upon fear fearful fearfully fearfulness fearless fearlessly fearlessness feasibility feasibleness feathered featherless feature febrifuge febrile fecundity federal feebly feed feeder feelingly felicitous felicitously felicitousness felicity feller fellow fellow member female female aristocrat female child female monarch female offspring female parent female person female sibling female worker femaleness femenineness feminine feminineness femininity feminism feminist movement feminity ferned fernless ferny fertile fertility fetch fevered feverish few fewer fewest fib fibber fickle fickleness fictional fidelity fifty-fifty fig out fig up figurative figuratively figure figure out file in file out filial fill fill up filled filled with smoke filthy final finality financial find find guilty find one's bearings fine finely fingered fingerless finish finished finishing finite finitely finiteness finitude fire fire at fire off firm firm up firmness firmness of purpose first first light fiscal fiscal shrike fissile fissionable fit fit for consumption fit for human consumption fit out fitly fitness fittingly fittingness fix fix up with fixed fixed debenture fixed-width font fixedness fixity fixture flake out flash flash-forward flashback flat flat-bellied flatten flatter flattering flavorless flavourless flawlessness fledged fledgling fleece flesh out flex flexibility flexible flexibleness flexibly flexile flexion flexor flexor muscle flexure flightless bird flimsy flippancy float floating supply floccinaucinihilipilification flock flood tide flood-tide floored flop flora flout flow flowering flowerless flowing fluency fluid flunk flush it flying bird focalise focalize focus focused focussed foe fogginess fold fold up follow follow on follow upon follower following folly fond fond of foolish foolishly foolishness foot footed footless for ever for good forbear forbearance forbid force force back force of attraction force out force up forced forceful forceless fore foredate forego foregone conclusion foreground forehand forehanded foreign foreign countries foreign country foreign trade foreigner foreignness forepart forerunner foreshorten forested forever forfeit forget forgetful forgettable forgivable forgivably forgiving forgivingly forgo fork fork out formal formalise formalism formality formalize formally formalness formed former forrad forrard forte fortify fortissimo fortitude fortuitously fortunate fortunately forward forward motion forwards fossorial foul foul ball found founder four-footed fourfooted fraction fractional fractious fragile fragrant frail frailty framed frankly frankness fraternal free free-and-easy free enterprise free from blame free-lance free of tax free state freelance freelancer freely freethinking freeze frequent frequently fresh fresh water freshen freshness freshwater fretted fried friend friendliness friendly fright frigidity frigidness frivolity frivolous frivolousness from spite from the east from the north from the south from the west front front burner front end frontward frontwards frozen fruitful fruitfully fruitfulness fruitlessly fruitlessness fueled fulfil fulfill fulfilled fulfillment fulfilment full full-cream milk full of full-term full time full-time full-time worker fullness fully fully grown fumbling function functional functional disorder functioning funded fungibility fungus furbish up furnish furnish with furnished furrowed fuse future futurity fuzziness

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