Antonymes commençant par la lettre P

pack pack together package packaged paid pain painful painfully painfulness painless painlessly painstakingness paintable painted paired palatability palatable palatableness palatably palingenesis palingenetic pall on pall upon palpability palpable paning pantheism paper loss paper profit paradigmatic paradise parallel parallel operation paralleled operation parallelogram paranormal parasite parched pardonable pardonably parent parental parented parentless parliamentary government parsimony part part-of relation part-time part to whole relation part-whole relation partial partiality partially participate participation particular particular proposition particularise particularity particularize particulate partisan partisanship partizan partly parttime pass pass away pass on pass up passable passably passerine passing passionate passionless passive passive trust passive verb passive voice passively past past times pastness paternal patience patient patiently patness patrial patriarchal patrilineage patriotic patriotically patriotism patronise patronised patronize patronized patronless patterned paved pay pay cash pay off pay through the nose pay up paying attention payment peace peaceable peaceful peacenik peach peak peak season peculiar pedigree dog pedunculate peel peening peer peeress pellucidity pelt along penalty penetrability penetrable penetrate penetrating penitent penitentially penitently pep perceived achromatic colour perceptibility perceptible perceptibly perceptive perceptiveness perdition perennial perfect perfectibility perfection perfective aspect perfectly periapsis periastron perigee perihelion perijove perilune perinatal periodic periodical peripheral peripherally peripteral periselene perish perishable perissodactyl perissodactyl mammal peristalsis perk up permanence permanency permanent permanently permeability permeable permeableness permissibility permissible permissibly permissive permissiveness permit permitted perpendicular perplex perplexed persistent person of noble birth person who is willing to work personal personal judgement personal judgment personalise personalize personally perspicacious perspicacity persuade persuade into persuasion persuasive persuasiveness pertinence pertinency perverse pervious perviousness pessimism pessimist pessimistic pessimistically petaled petalled petalless petalous petiolated petit larceny pettiness petty petty larceny Phanerogamae phase in phase out philogyny phlegmy photosynthetic physical physical fitness physicalness pianissimo piano pick apart pick at pick up pick up speed piece piety pigeon-toed pigmentation pilosity pin pious piously piousness pipe down pipe insulator pissed pissed as a newt pissed out of one's head pissed out of one's mind pistillate pit placable place placental placidness plain plainness plaintiff planar planned planted plantigrade plantigrade mammal plastered plasticity platyrhine platyrhinian platyrrhine platyrrhinian platyrrhinic plausibility plausible plausibleness plausibly play play down play up playable playful plea pleach pleading pleasance pleasant pleasantly pleasantness please pleased pleasing pleasingly pleasingness pleasurably pleasure pleasure-pain principle pleasure principle pleasure-unpleasure principle plenitude plentiful plentifulness plenty pleurocarp pleurocarpous pleurocarpous moss pliability pliable pliant pliantly plosive plosive consonant plosive speech sound ploughed plowed pluck plucked pluckiness plucky plug in plug into plumbable plume plural plural form pluralism plus plus point poetic poetical point point of apoapsis point of periapsis pointed pointedness pointless pointlessly poised poisonous polar polemically polished polite politely politeness politic political political correctitude political correctness political incorrectness polluting pollution polychromatic polygamous polyphonic polyphonic music polyphony polyploid polysemy polytheism polytheistic polyvalent ponderable poor poor people poorly poorness pop in pop off pop out popular popularity populated area populous poriferous porosity porous porousness port port side portable portliness portside posed positive positive charge positively positiveness positivism positivity possibility possible possibleness possibly post-natal post-partum postdate posterior posteriority postmeridian postmortal postmortem postnatal postnuptial postpartum postprandial postulate postwar pot-trained potable potence potency potent potential potentiality potted potty-trained poverty power power mower powered powerful powerfulness powerless powerlessness practicability practicable practicableness practical practicality practiced practised praise pre-emptive precariousness precede precedence precedency precedented precedentedly preceding precipitousness precise precisely preciseness precision precocial precocious predate predecessor predicative predictability predictable predominant prefix pregnant prehensile prejudice prejudiced premarital premature premeditated prenatal prenominal prenuptial prepackage preparation prepared preprandial presbyopia presbyopic prescribed prescribed drug prescription prescription drug prescription medication prescription medicine prescriptive prescriptive linguistics presence present presentness preserve preserved presidential pressurise pressurize presumable presumptive heir pretension pretentious pretentiously pretentiousness pretermit prettify prettily pretty prevail on prevail upon prevaricator prevent preventable preventative preventive previous previously unpublished prewar pride pridefulness priesthood priestlike priestly primarily primary primary cell principled prink printable priority prise privacy private private enterprise privately privatisation privatization privileged prix fixe prize pro pro- pro-American pro-choice pro-life proactive probability probable probably probity procaryote procaryotic procedural proceed processed procession produce an effect produce evidence of produce proof of productive productively productiveness productivity profane professional professionalise professionalize proficient profit profitability profitable profitableness profitably profits profound profoundness profundity profuse prognathic prognathous progress progression progressive prohibit prokaryote prokaryotic prolate proliferation prolific prolifically prolix prolly prominence promote promotion promptness pronation pronounce pronounce guilty pronounceable propagate proper proper name proper noun properly properness prophetic prophetical propitious propitiously propitiousness proportion proportional proportional font proportionally proportionate proportionately proprietary proprietary drug propriety proscribe prosecute prosecution prospective prosperous protected protective protocaryote protokaryote protrusive proud provable prove prove correct proved proven providence provident providently provincial provisionally provocative proximal proximate proximity prudence prudent prudently psychoactive psychoneurotic psychopathy psychotic depression psychotropic public publically publicised publicized publicly publishable published puke pull pull ahead pull away pull back pull down pull in pull off pull out pull round pull through pull together pull up pump up pumpkin-shaped punch in punch out punctual punctuality puncturable punctureless punished punitive punitory purchasable purchase pure pure-bred purebred purebred dog pureness purge purifying purity purposeful purposefully purposefulness purposeless purposelessness purposely purposively purposiveness pursuit push push back push up pushily put put about put into action put into effect put into practice put into service put off put on put on one's clothes put option put out put right put through put to shame put to sleep put together put under put up puzzled pycnic pyknic pyretic

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