Antonymes commençant par la lettre S

sack sack out sacred sacredness sad sadden saddle saddle up saddled sadist sadistic sadly sadness safe safeness safety sagely salable salaried saleable salient salient angle salinate saline salt salt-free salted saltless saltwater salty salubriousness salubrity salutary same sameness sanctify sanction sanctioning sanctitude sanctity sandlike sandy sane sanely saneness sanguine sanitarily sanitariness sanitary sanity saponified saprobe sarcastic satiate satiated satisfaction satisfactorily satisfactoriness satisfactory satisfied satisfy satisfying satisfyingly saturated save save time saved saving savory savoury say farewell say good-bye scalable scale down scale up scantiness scanty scarce scarcely scarceness scarcity scatterbrained scattered scent scented scentless scheduled scholarly school school text schoolbook scientific scion scoff scornful scot-free scrag scramble scream screen screened screw screw down screw up scrimpy scripted scrupulous scrupulousness sea water seal sealed seamanlike seamanly seamed seamless seasonable seasonableness seasonably seasonal seasoned seat o.s. seated seaward seawater seaworthy second secondarily secondary secondhand secrecy secrete secretiveness sectarian secular secure secured bond securely secureness securities margin account security sedate sedentary bird sedimentary seductive see see out seeable seeded seedless seedy seemliness segregate segregated segregation seldom select selected self-asserting self-assertive self-centered self-centeredness self-centred self-centredness self-concern self-conscious self-consciously self-consciousness self-distrust self-doubt self-effacing self-employed self-examining self-fertilisation self-fertilization self-generated self-interest self-pollination self-seeking selfish selfishly selfishness selfless selflessness sell sell by retail sell by the piece sell retail sell short sell wholesale send away senior sensational sense sense of movement sense of purpose sense organ senseless sensibilise sensibilities sensibility sensibilize sensible sensibly sensify sensitise sensitising sensitive sensitively sensitiveness sensitivity sensitize sensitizing sensorial sensory sensory receptor sent sentence sentience sentient sentimentally separably separate separation separatism September equinox septic sequential operation sequestration serial operation serious serious-mindedness seriousness service serviceability serviceable serviceably serviceman servile sessile set set about set at liberty set down set foot in set out set the table set to work set up settle settle down settle on settled sever severity sex sexless sexual sexy shaded shaggy shallow shallowness sham shame shamefully shamelessly shape up shapely shared sharp sharpen sharply sharpness shaved shaven she she- sheared sheathe sheathed shed sheer shell-less shelled shew shield shield from shiny ship shockable shod shodden shoed shoot shoot at shoot off shop shop at shoreward shorn short short-sightedness short-spurred shortage shorten shortness shortsighted shortsightedness shout show showtime showy shrewd shrewdly shrink shrink-proof shrinkable shrinkproof shriveled shut shut down shut one's mouth shut out shut up shuttered shutting shy sick sickness side side issue sidereal sighted sign in sign out signed significance significant significantly silence silenced silent silently silliness similar similarity similitude simple simple-mindedness simpleness simplicity simplify simultaneous operation sincere sincerely sincerity sing single single-barreled single-barrelled single-breasted single-lane singlebreasted singly singular singular form singular matrix singularity sinistral sink sinkable sinuous sis sister sisterlike sisterly sit sit down sitter sitting sitting trot sized skew ski tow skilful skilfully skill skilled skillful skillfully skillfulness skim milk skimmed milk skimp skimp on skin and bones skinless skinned sky slack season slacken slackening slave state slavish sleep sleep in sleep out sleepiness sleeping sleeplessness -sleeved sleeved sleeveless slenderize slenderly slenderness slight slightly slightness slim slim down slip into slip off slip on slippery slippy slipshod sloppiness sloppy sloshed slow slow down slow lane slow up slowing slowly slug sluggishly slumber slur sly small small letter small-mindedly small-mindedness smallness smart smart bomb smarting smartly smashed smelly smilingly smirch smokeless smoker smokey smoky smooth smoothbore smoothen smoothness smother snail mail snap snarl sneakily sneakingly snuff snuff it snuff out snugly so-so soak sober soberness sobriety sociability sociable sociableness sociably social social nature socialism socialist socialist economy socialistic socially soft soft-boiled soft drug soft-finned fish soft-hearted soft spot soft water softball softball game soften softened water softhearted softly softness software software package software program software system soil soiled solar apex sold sole soled soleless solemnity solemnly solid solidity solidness solubility soluble solvability solvable solve solved solvency solvent some somewhat somnolence son sonant sonic soothe sophisticated sophistication sore sorely sororal sorrow sorrowful sorry sort sound sound off soundable soundly soundness sour source source program soured south southerly southern southernness spaced spacial spare spareness sparingly sparkling sparse sparsely populated spat spatial speak under one's breath speaking special agent special verdict specialise specialised specialiser specialist speciality specialize specialized specializer specialness specialty specific specifically specified specify spectral color spectral colour speed speed up speedily speedup spell spell of sickness spending spent spew spew up spherical spick and span spill the beans spineless spinous spiny spiny-finned fish spirit spirited spiritism spiritless spiritlessly spiritual spiritualise spiritualism spirituality spiritualize splayfoot splayfooted split split ticket split up splitter spoils system spoken sponginess sponsor spontaneous spontaneous abortion sporadic sportingly spotless spotlight spouse spread spread out sprig spring equinox spring tide springtide spue spuriousness spurn squab squalid squander square square shooter squeezability squeeze squint-eyed stabile stabilisation stabilise stability stabilization stabilize stable stableness staccato stage staged stagnate staid stained stainless stale staleness stalinise stalinize stalked stalkless stampede stand stand firm stand still stand up standard stander standing staple starboard starchless starchy starless starry start start out start up starting time startling starve state of war statesmanlike statesmanly stationary stative stator stator coil statutory staunchly stave stay stay in place stay put steadfastly steadily steadiness steady steal up on stealthily stealthy steeliness steep steep course steep slope steepness steer clear of stemless stemmed step back step down step-down step on it step up step-up sterile sterility steroidal stick stick around stick up for sticking sticky stiff stiffen stiffness stifle stigmatic stigmatism still stillbirth stillborn infant stillness stimulate stimulating stimulative stinginess stingy stinky stint stint on stirred stoic stomatous stop stop consonant stop up stoppable stormy stout-hearted stoutheartedness stoutness straight straight arrow straight line straight shooter straight ticket straighten straighten out straighten up straightforwardly straightforwardness straightly straightness strain strained strange strangeness stranger strap stratified stratified language streak streamline strength strengthen strengthening stressed stretch strict striker string strip strip down strong strong-minded strong point strong suit strongly struck structured strung up stubborn stubby stuck studied studio stuff stuff up stump up stupid stupidity sturdiness sturdy styleless stylish suasion subartesian subdued subhuman subjacent subject case subject to appeal subject to tax subjective subjectively submarine submergible submersible submersible warship submissive submit o.s. to submit to subordinate subordinately subordinating subordination subordinative subscript subsequence subsequent subsequentness subservient subside subsidiarily subsidiary subsonic substantial substantiality substantialness substantiate substantive substitutional heir subsume subsurface subtract subtract from subtraction subtractive succeed succeed in succeeder succeeding success successful successfully successor succumb suck suckle sudden suffer sufficiency sufficient sufficiently suffix sugar sugar-free sugarless sugary suggest suitability suitable suitableness suitably summer summer solstice summerise summerize summery sumptuousness sundown sunniness sunrise sunset sunshine sunup superficial superficiality superhuman superior superiority superjacent supernal supernatural superordinate superscript supersensible supersensory supersonic supervised supination supply supply with support supported supportive supposed suppress suppressed suppurative supra suprasensitive supreme surcharge surd sure sure thing surface surface-assimilative surface mail surface ship surface-to-air surge surgical surmise surmountable surprised surprising surprisingness surrender surrender to surreptitious surreptitiously survive susceptibility susceptible susceptibleness suspect suspected sustain swear sweet sweet-talk sweeten sweetness swell swell up swept swiftly swim swing shut switch off switch on sworn syllabic symmetric symmetrical symmetrically symmetricalness symmetry sympathetic sympathetically sympatric sympatry sync syncarpous syncategorem syncategorematic syncategoreme synchronal synchroneity synchronic synchronic level synchronical synchronicity synchronisation synchronise synchronism synchronization synchronize synchronizing synchronous synchronous operation synchrony synclinal syndetic synergist synergistic synonym synonymous synsemantic syntagmatic synthesis synthesise synthesize synthetic synthetic thinking synthetical systematic systematical systematically

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