Antonymes commençant par la lettre M

machine-made machine wash machine-wash made made of metal made-to-measure clothes madly madness magnanimity magnetic magnetise magnetised magnetize magnetized magnification magnify main major major premise major surgery majority majuscule make make a mess of make businesslike make clean make clear make come true make for make full make headway make it make peace make professional make progress make relaxed make worse make young again malacopterygian maladaptive maladjusted maladroit maladroitly malady malapropos male male aristocrat male chauvinism male child male monarch male offspring male parent male person male sibling maledict maleficence maleficent maleness malevolence malevolently malfunction malfunctioning malicious malign malignance malignancy malignant malignity malleability malnourished malodorous malodourous malted maltreated man man-child man-made man of the cloth man portable manage manageable manageably manful manfully mania for destruction manipulable manlike manly manned mannerless mansize mansized manual many many- many-sided many times March equinox march on margin account marginal marginality mark mark down mark up marked market economy marketable married married man married woman mascon masculine masculinity mask masochist masochistic mat match matched mated material materialise materiality materialize maternal mathematical matriarchal matrilineage matron matter matter of minor importance maturation mature matured maturely matureness maturity maverick maxi maximal maximally maximation maximisation maximise maximization maximize maximum meager meagerly meagre meagrely meandrous meaningful meaningfully meaningfulness meaningless meaninglessness meanness meanspirited measurable measurably measure measureless meatless meaty mechanical mediacy mediate mediateness medical medulla medullated meek meekly meekness meet melanise melanize meliorate melioration mellow melodic melodious melodiously melt off melted member membered memberless memorably mend mendaciously mendacity mensurable mental mental ability mental disease mental health mental illness mentioned mentioned above merciful mercifulness merciless mercilessness mercy mere merge merit merit system merited meronymy merrily merry mesh mesial mesic mesomorphic mess about mess around mess up messiness messy metabolic metabolous metal metalled metallic metamorphic metamorphous methodic methodical meticulous meticulousness metier middle middle-class middling middlingly midi midsummer mighty migrant migratory migratory bird mild mildly mildness militant militarisation militarise militarism militarization militarize military military man military personnel military volunteer mind -minded mindful mindfully mindfulness mindless mined mini minify minimal minimally minimisation minimise minimization minimize minimum minor minor operation minor surgery minority minus minus tick minuscular minuscule mirthful mirthfully mirthless misbehave miscarriage miscarry miscellaneous mischief miscible misconceived misconception misconduct misconstruction misdemean miserliness misfire misfortune misfunction misgiving mismatched misogynism misogyny misplacement miss miss out missis missus mistaken mistreated mistrust mistrustfully misuse misused mitigated mix mixable mixed mobile mobilisation mobilise mobility mobilization mobilize moderate moderately moderateness moderating moderation modern modern font modest modestly modestness modesty modifiable modified modishly modulated moist moisten moisturise moisturize molar molecular moment monarch monarchist monaural monaurally monecious monetisation monetization money lender moneyed moneyless mongrel monied monism monochromatic monoclinic monoclinous monocotyledonous monody monoecious monogamous monoicous monolingual monomorphic monomorphous mononuclear mononucleate monophonic monophonic music monophony monoploid monosemy monospaced font monotheism monotheistic monotone monotonic monovalent monovular montage moonless moonlit moony moral morality morally morbidity morbidness more more than morning mortal mortal sin mortality most mother motility motion motionless motionlessness motivated motivator motor mower motored motorial motorised motorized motorless mount mount up mouthless movability movableness move move back move down move forward move house move in move into move on move out move up moved moving mown much mucky muliebrity multiculturalism multidimensional multidimensional language multiform multilane multilateral multilaterally multilingual multinucleate multiparous multiple multiple-choice multiplication multiplied by multiply multivalent mundaneness mundanity muscle sense muscular mushroom musical musically must muster in muster out mutability mutable mutableness mutt mutual muzzle myelinated myopia myopic mystery mysticism mystify mythicise mythicize mythologise mythologize

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